History of the 1980's, 1990's and 2000's


  • The Los Angeles Antiques Show opened its doors at the California Mart. In 1982 the Show moved to the Ambassador Hotel and in 1983 a Gala Opening Night Party was added. In 1986 the show moved to newly renovated Biltmore Hotel and in 1987 to the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium. Monies raised support the programs and projects of the Junior League of Los Angeles. The Los Angeles Antiques Show was last held in 1989 at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium (1980-1989).
  • The C.O.E.D. project, co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood Los Angeles-Sherman Oaks Center, provided ongoing community outreach and education to the disabled. In October 1981, a conference entitled: "Intimacy is for Everyone" was held at California State University, Northridge (1980-1982).
  • The Educational Television Project, co-sponsored by KCET, funded, developed and aired a program on Alcohol Education (1980-1982).
  • In November, 1980, the State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) position paper on Permanency Planning for Children was adopted and the SPAC position paper on Education for Parenthood was renewed. In April 1981, the Children's Television Needs and Available Care for the Elderly paper was renewed. Also, in April 1981, a position paper on Senior Transportation in Los Angeles County was presented to the SPAC Spring Conference (1980-1981).
  • Crime Prevention Alert Project, co-sponsored with the Los Angeles Police Department, developed a program for neighborhood watch seminars. The League also published a booklet entitled, "Are You Fed Up With Crime?" along with a training manual (1981-1994).
  • The Funding Information Project co-sponsored with the California Community Foundation, offered seminars to non-profits in the use of its library at the Foundation. The Center is part of a nationwide network of reference libraries established by the Foundation Center of New York (1981-1984).
  • In co-sponsorship with the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, the Junior League of Los Angeles produced, wrote, printed and distributed the 1984 Official Olympic Youth Handbook. The project goal was to inspire and educate young people in matters relating to the Olympics and the 1984 Games (1981-1984).
  • A debate on the Gun Control Initiative, Proposition 15, was sponsored in conjunction with KCET as a community service (1982).
  • Horns & Unicorns was developed as a creative music appreciation experience for 
    elementary school students in the Palos Verdes School District (1982).
  • The Los Angeles Volunteer Roundtable was convened by the League during National Volunteer Week in 1982. The leaders of 76 volunteer organizations were invited to hear Marlene Wilson speak on "Volunteerism in the 80's: Challenges Unlimited" (1982-1986).
  • Board Development, co-sponsored with the Kellogg United Way Regional Training Center, trained non-profit boards of directors in essential management skills. This service continued as a Community Program in 1986-1988 (1982-1986).
  • Cancer Counseling Project, co-sponsored with the Jonsson Cancer Center at UCLA and the National Cancer Institute, provided a telephone hot line for psychosocial counseling to cancer victims and their families (1982-1986).
  • A conference, "Children and their Needs Today", was co-sponsored with the Children's Roundtable for Los Angeles and the USC School of Social Work (1984).
  • A conference to disseminate the curriculum and manual on "Skills For Violence Free Relationships" was held in co-sponsorship with the Southern California Coalition on Battered Women (1984).
  • Public Education Awareness Service Project (PEAS), co-sponsored with the coalition for Fair School Finance and the Junior League of Long Beach, increased awareness of the status of public education in California (1984-1985).
  • "A Step in Time", a film produced with KCET to educate youth about alcohol was translated into Spanish, "In Paseo a Tiempo", by the Junior League of Mexico City, and was made available to the public through Sotheby Productions, Inc. (1984-1985).
  • Computers for Non-Profits, co-sponsored with the California Community Foundation, offered hands-on micro-computer fundamental training to representatives of non-profit organizations. This project continued with the Center for Non-Profit Management as the co-sponsor in 1986-87 (1984-1987).
  • The Neighborhood Earthquake Preparedness Project (NEPP) trained volunteers to educate Los Angeles residents on how and why to prepare for a major earthquake (1984-1988).
  • Coordinated the Adolescent Pregnancy ChildWatch for the Children's Defense Fund in the Los Angeles area with collaborating co-sponsors: March of Dimes, Black Women's Forum La Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional and Delta Sigma Theta Sorority. A coalition of more than fifty was formed and training was provided for forty-seven community volunteers. Authored a position paper on Adolescent Pregnancy that was adopted by the State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) (1985).
  • Participated on the Steering Committee of the Los Angeles End-Decade Conference for Women Pre-Nairobi with ten other women’s organizations (1985).
  • Family Support Service, co-sponsored with Children’s Institute International provided support to abused children and their parents as they moved through the court system (1985-1998).
  • A Day Outdoors Project, co-sponsored with the William O. Douglas Outdoor Classroom provided students with a hands-on educational nature experience (1985-1987).
  • In February, 1986, the Adolescent Pregnancy ChildWatch, a coalition of the March of Dimes, the Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Black Women’s Forum, the La Comision Femenil Mexicana Nacional, and the Junior League of Los Angeles along with more than fifty community groups, co-sponsored a conference at the Biltmore Hotel to present the results of an executive report to policy makers and advocates (1986).
  • In January, the first "Speak Up Meeting" involved the membership in the future planning of the Junior League of Los Angeles, by asking members to discuss specific trends and offer suggestions for change. This input is incorporated into the Long Range Plan.
  • Contemporary ArtStart, in partnership with the Museum of Contemporary Art, provided a hands on participatory program to children of the Los Angeles Unified School District to acquaint them with contemporary art and artists (1986-1988).
  • The Junior League Reading Center, in co-sponsorship with the Los Angeles Public Library, conducted a reading program for illiterate adults in the Venice area (1986-1988).
  • AIDS Community Education Outreach Project, co-sponsored with AIDS Project Los Angeles, staffed a hotline and a corporate Speaker’s Bureau providing much-needed information to the community. JLLA was the first League in the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. to establish an AIDS project (1986-1989).
  • The Community Partnerships Committee was formed to match the challenge grant awarded to the Junior League by the W. M. Keck Foundation. The goal is to raise monies for a cash reserve fund, the interest from which will go to support the internal costs of our community projects and programs (1986-Present). 
  • The Homeless Family Shelters Project placed volunteers at Harbor Interfaith and House of Ruth to provide direct services to homeless families as well as to provide emergency assistance to nonresident families (1987-1990).
  • In co-sponsorship with Connections for Children, the Family Day Care Homes project developed a resource booklet for small businesses with day care concerns (1987-1988).
  • The Junior League staffed and operated a consumer referral service in conjunction with KTTV television (1987-1999).
  • The Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Project in co-sponsorship with LAUSD and Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, presented "The Choice is Yours" programs to four Junior High schools on an annual basis. In addition, teams were established at each school with the goal of raising self esteem, preventing pregnancy, and promoting sexual responsibility (1989-1991).
  • The Childcare Assistance for Recovering Adults (CARA) Project, in co-sponsorship with the California Women's Commission on Alcohol and Drug Dependencies, was developed to recruit and train foster parents, educate women about the risks of alcohol, and advocate on behalf of women's alcohol treatment and child care needs (1988-1991).
  • The Ethnic L.A. Arts Kits Project, in co-sponsorship with the Los Angeles Children’s Museum, developed a multicultural curriculum for elementary school students that celebrates and highlights various ethnic groups through crafts, history and art activities. Two kits, the Mexican-American kit and the Japanese-American kit, were developed and turned over to the Long Beach Children’s Museum for continuation (1989-1991).
  • The JLLA Cable Project "City Windows" has produced forty-seven 1/2 hour video taped segments, including one in Spanish, highlighting League projects and programs for cable television public access time slots (1988-Present).
  • JLLA Family Outreach Project, co-sponsored by L.A. Youth programs, matched volunteers with families who have a chronically ill child for one-on-one direct services (1988-1991).
  • Parenting Our Parents, co-sponsored with Westside Independent Services to the Elderly (WISE), assisted families in dealing effectively with the legal, financial, physical, social and emotional demands of aging members (1988-1991).
  • Community Forums, sponsored by the JLLA, focus on issues relevant to our Position Statements. Held annually, invitations are sent to other non-profit agencies in the greater Los Angeles Community. Topics have included a breast cancer forum, environment, women in political office and “Sex, Lies & HIV”, cosponsored by the Comision Femenil de Los Angeles in 1993 (1988-1998).
  • Gourmet LA was published and received second place in the Seagrams Community Cookbook Award competition in 1988 and first place in the Printing Industry of America Graphic Arts Award competition in 1989 (1988-1989).
  • Community Volunteer Recognition Program developed by the JLLA in conjunction with the staff of Clinica Msr. Oscar A. Romero, recruited, trained and managed volunteers for the clinic’s programs (1989-1990).
  • Cancer Connection Project, co-sponsored with California Hospital provided education and advocacy for a cancer education program for older adults in low income minority communities. Several video taped lectures were left with California Hospital at the end of the project (1989-1992).
  • The Junior League of Los Angeles provides scholarship funding through The United Way/Kellogg Training Center to offer management and board training to non-profits (1989-1999).


  • Caring for Babies With AIDS, co-sponsored with the nonprofit organization Caring for Babies With AIDS, developed a Volunteer Manual as a guide for working with HIV-positive children; helped coordinate the volunteer program and the traveling resource center, and provided support in the home through coordination of donated goods and hands-on projects (1990-1993).
  • Homeless Family Assistance, co-sponsored with St. Joseph Center in Venice, provides day care assistance, tutoring, field trips, special events and training for homeless families and families at risk of becoming homeless (1990-1993).
  • The Public Policy Council became the first of its kind throughout the Association of Junior Leagues International, Inc. (1990- Present).
  • Women’s Appointment Collaboration was formed with over 80 other organizations in order to obtain the appointment of women to Los Angeles County and City Boards and Commissions (1990-1999).
  • Community Assistance Fund enables non-profits to seek emergency funding from the JLLA (1990-Present).
  • Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Education, co-sponsored with Planned Parenthood, Los Angeles, is developing a curriculum to teach positive role modeling and skill-building reinforcement to adolescents (1991-1994).
  • Middle School Improvement, a project co-sponsored with LAUSD, is providing skills building and mentoring programs, as well as self-esteem workshops for middle school aged youth (1991-1994).
  • Middle School Role Models and Mentors Program, co-sponsored with USC Neighborhood Academic Initiative, offers public policy curriculum, leadership conferences and mentoring to encourage college attendance of targeted middle school students (1991-1993).
  • The Women’s Internship Program (WIN), co-sponsored with Mount St. Mary’s College in Brentwood, is establishing public policy role model mentoring and career development options for college women. The Junior League finds female mentors who have careers in public policy and they match them with the students at the college. Students and mentors alike find the experience enriching and rewarding (1991-Present).
  • STARS, co-sponsored with Computer Access Center, initiated an adaptive hardware and software library for people with physical or developmental disabilities who are at risk of becoming illiterate, and developed an adaptive toy library (1991-1995).
  • The Done In A Day Committee was established in 1991 to perform projects in the community which could be completed with a single day activity (1991-Present). 
  • TRIO Communication Outreach, co-sponsored with TRIO of Los Angeles at UCLA, provided outreach materials to help more people learn about support services for organ recipients, candidates and their families (1991-1992).
  • Woman to Woman: the Campus Generation co-sponsored with AJLI, educated college women at local campuses about the gender-specific risks of alcohol abuse (1991-1993).
  • Ask Us About AIDS, co-sponsored with Culver City Youth Center, is a peer counseling program which targets high-risk adolescents in Culver City, including urban youth, pre-teens and teens (1992-1994).
  • Hands On The Environment, co-sponsored with the Cabrillo Marine Museum, developed an environmental education resource packet and workshop to train educators and introduce students to the major environmental issues confronting us today (1992-1995).
  • Women And The Court System, co-sponsored with the Jewish Family Service of Los Angeles, will help coordinate and provide court advocacy; and develop a Legal Training Advisory Committee to train judges and attorneys working in the area of domestic violence (1992-1994).
  • Domestic violence brochures and survivor cards developed and printed in English and Spanish in 1994-1995 and JLLA joins LA District Attorney Office in launching city-wide domestic violence billboard campaign (1992-Present).
  • Windows to the World, co-sponsored with the World Cup 1994 Organizing Committee, developed a source book covering information about the over 100 countries participating in the 1994 World Cup Soccer games (1992-1994).
  • The JLLA joins in support of the KNBC television news program "Beat The Odds". Youth who have overcome the problems and complications m their lives are preserved in a 3-5 minute news report. JLLA coordinates telephone donations (1992-1994).
  • The JLLA receives two awards at the Association of Junior Leagues International Annual Conference. Receiving first place in the Creative Public Relations awards was "City Window", the JLLA’s cable television program series. The episode honored our Caring for Babies With AIDS project. Receiving merit recognition in the annual BMW Community Impact Award was “Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Education", the JLLA project in co-sponsorship with Planned Parenthood, LA (1993).
  • Building Blocks, co-sponsored with Queen of Angels-Hollywood Presbyterian Hospital has JLLA members training community volunteers to visit first time mothers in their homes to teach parenting and coping skills (1993-1998).
  • JLLA LEARN volunteers help implement the LEARN plan throughout the Los Angeles Unified School District, educate JLLA membership on LEARN public education issues, and develop a model parent education center. In 1996, committee name is changed to ABC (Achieving Basics Creatively)/ Wonder of Reading to reflect collaboration with The Wonder of Reading (1993-Present).
  • The Neighborhood Youth Association provides services to at-risk and high-risk youth in Mar Vista and West Los Angeles. League volunteers provided career counseling, mentoring and tutoring to hundreds of children (1993-1996).
  • Options House, located at two sites - Hollywood and Beachwood Canyon, provided shelter and care to at-risk youth. League volunteers organized outings, tutoring, workshops, and a variety of activities for the youth living in these facilities (1993-1997).
  • JLLA receives an extremely generous bequest from the Estate of Marjorie Hamlin Rainey, President, 1943-1944. This bequest included commercial property sold in 1994-1995 with the proceeds of the sale contributed to the capital campaign and $1,000,000 earmarked to build a new Junior League Headquarters in French Regency design. The League selected its Larchmont property as the best location for the project, hired an architect and general contractor, and completed construction of the Marjorie Hamlin Rainey Headquarters Building at 630 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles, 90004 moving in on May 30, 1995. The capital campaign raised a total of $2.2 million for furnishing and completion of the interior, a semi-endowment fund and for community projects and program (1993-1995).
  • The Spring Gala, 'An Affair To Remember," in 1994 honored Junior League Sustainer and former First Lady Nancy Reagan for a lifetime of community service.
  • A two-year focusing process is completed with the membership choosing education and violence prevention as the focus areas for community impact in the JLLA (1993-1995).
  • Membership and community Friends wrote JLLA's first vision statement and strategic plan (1994-1995).
  • JLLA established the Family Services Collaboration joining with the Children's Bureau of Southern California to build a new coalition seeking to design a model all services family center (1994-1995).
  • The Women's Care Cottage located in North Hollywood provided shelter to homeless women and their children. League volunteers participated in the creation and supplying of materials for a new vocational and career library (1995-1996).
  • Project Touch located in Torrance co-sponsored with the YWCA provided a support system, positive role model to build self-esteem and positive attitudes for at-risk or high-risk teen moms. League volunteers established one-on-one relationships with these at-risk or high-risk moms (1995-1998).
  • At the 1995 Spring Gala Fundraiser at "La Masquerade", honoring Rhonda Fleming Mann for her establishment of the Women's Cancer Resource Center at UCLA.
  • City of Los Angeles Mayor Richard Riordan presided at the grand opening ceremonies for Rainey House (1995).
  • A beautiful 100% silk scarf was designed to commemorate the completion of our permanent Headquarters and the 70th Anniversary (1995).


  • City Window received the 1996 Silver Angel Award in local television at the 19th International Angel Awards presented by Excellence In Media. 
  • In March, the annual Spring Gala Fundraiser at the Beverly Hills Hotel honored California's First Lady, Gayle Wilson for her community service, as well as Mrs. William French Smith, the 1996 recipient of the Spirit of Voluntarism award.
  • Junior League of Los Angeles became a collaborator with the national Silent Witness Initiative. This mobile program highlights homicide victims of domestic violence in Los Angeles County. The life-size silhouettes of these victims were displayed throughout Los Angeles County at sites including Los Angeles City Hall and the Capitol in Sacramento (1996-present).
  • Our domestic violence brochure was translated into three more languages: Korean, Vietnamese, and Armenian.
  • In addition to the original Building Blocks project site at Queen of Angels hospital, an additional site was approved for placement in 1997-1998 in the South Bay at Harbor-UCLA. Furthermore, ABC/Wonder of Reading, which began at Carthay Elementary School, added a second project site at Kester Avenue Elementary School, where the school library was completely renovated in collaboration with the Wonder of Reading project.
  • Enlarged black and white photographs of our recipients of our services and funds were taken and placed for permanent display at Rainey House.
  • Lifetime Television for Women was honored at the Spring Gala. Their participation brought in multiple corporate sponsorships including, ARCO, The Capital Group Companies, Inc., City Mutual Bank, The Hollywood Reporter, Pearson Television, Embrey Papers, Variety, The Vons Companies, Inc., and Beaulieu Vineyards.
  • We were host to “At The Table,” a national community outreach effort sponsored by the White House. Ms. Gwendolyn Brown, Assistant Secretary for Defense, facilitated the event, which focused on issues facing women in the Los Angeles community. Participants included women from the political arena, the arts community, law enforcement, senior citizens, and JLLA members.
  • We went online! We obtained our own e-mail address as well as hooked onto the Internet.
  • The Founder’s Award for Community Leadership was established. The award will be given to an Active member who is about to become a Sustaining member, who is considered to be leaving a lasting legacy on the Junior League of Los Angeles and the community.
  • The President’s Scholarship Fund was established. This endowment fund was created to provide a one year scholarship to cover the annual dues of a particular member. It will be awarded, based upon the recommendation of the Finance Council, to a member of the League who has served it for at least four years, and has shown outstanding commitment to JLLA.


  • Honored Elizabeth Dole at the Spring Gala and in conjunction with the Patron Drive raised $ 275,000. Return of the Rummage Sale in Fall of 1997 after a one year hiatus. The sale will now be held in the Fall each year. 
  • Created and implemented a Training Continuum with specific trainings. 
  • Co-Sponsored Federal Legislation, HR851, Battered Women’s Employment Protection Act 
  • Hosted a Legislative Open House for State, County and City Officials, a reception for the League’s Community Advisors, and a luncheon for Executive Directors of other non-profit organizations from the Los Angeles area.
  • The Sustainers hosted the first tea honoring Sustaining Emerita members who are over eighty years old.


  • Honored Caroline Ahmanson at the Spring Gala. 
  • Two new projects co-sponsored by the JLLA are added: LAC/USC and Camp Hollygrove.


  • Linda Thompson and David Foster were the honorees at the Spring Gala, which was the most financially successful gala to date. 
  • The American Red Cross and Chrysalis become our newest community project co-sponsors.


  • Celebrating our 75th anniversary, the League published an historical 16-page newspaper and created a new Public Service Announcement for Television.
  • Our second annual Radko ornament, “Teddy Starshine” was featured at our Fall Luncheon at the Beverly Hills Hotel. Kelly Stone and Nancy B. Munger were honored at the annual Spring Gala, “The Hope Ball” which was held at the Beverly Hilton in March. 
  • Through our partnership with the Wonder of Reading two new libraries, Clover Street Elementary School in Culver City and 3rd Street Elementary School in Hancock Park, were completely renovated. 
  • Our newest community project took us home to where we began in 1925 with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


  • Due to the events of September 11, the first General Meeting of the year was cancelled. A donation was sent to the Junior League of New York with funds raised at the September Rainey Friday and from the Community Assistance Funds.
  • Our third annual Radko ornament, “Chilly Sweeper” was featured at our Fall Luncheon at the St. Regis Hotel. Andrea Van de Kamp and Carol Mancino were honored at the annual Spring Gala, “In Concert with Los Angeles” which was held at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in April.
  • Through our partnership with Wonder of Reading the library at Lomita Magnet Elementary School was renovated, refurbished and restocked.
  • A new 3-year (2002-2005) strategic plan was researched, analyzed and written by the Strategic Planning Committee, Planning Council and the Board. It was approved by the membership in March. 
  • Provisional Orientations and Course were revised and the Recruitment Committee was established to continue the growth of the League. 
  • JLLA celebrated the AJLI Centennial by participating in the nationwide DIAD event, hosting the AJLI Centennial exhibit and reception.


  • Embraced the new Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) branding campaign, logo, and tag line "Women building better communities" in all materials; served as a model and resource for other Leagues.
  • Through our partnership with the Wonder of Reading, the library at Sunland Elementary School was renovated, refurbished and re-stocked.
  • Hosted the AJLI Fall Leadership Conference for over 500 President and Presidents Elect from 250 Leagues in four countries. 
  • Established the Community Impact Work Group and Database; created the Community Impact marketing brochure.
  • Launched the JLLA interactive web site. 
  • Established the inaugural Viva Los Angeles Casino Night fundraiser with celebrity hosts; gained local and national media coverage. 
  • JLLA was honored at National Philanthropy Day LA - 2002 as Outstanding Volunteer Organization. Six community partners nominated JLLA for this award.
  • Spring Gala Hollywood Through The Ages honored Spirit of Voluntarism recipient Beverly Walker Thrall and three Sustainer Stars: Marian Banning, Maileen, Phillips, and Ellen Weitman. 
  • Welcomed a record-breaking provisional class of over 150 new members. Won an AJLI Best Practice Award for member recruitment and provisional program. 
  • Leadership Retreat was revitalized and Leadership Boot Camp was created, culminating in a second AJLI Best Practice Award.
  • Enhanced Training Non-Profit Leaders program and re-named Board Fellows Program. Won a third AJLI Best Practice Award and $10,000 grant from Crest Whitestrips for the initiative. 
  • JLLA President was elected to the AJLI Board of Directors.


  • JLLA opened a state of the art library (our seventh in Southern California) at Strathern Elementary School in Sunland-Tujunga in partnership with Wonder of Reading. 
  • Welcomed 150 Provisionals to the 2003-2004 Class. 
  • The Community Impact Workgroup with multi-council representation, refined and launched a viable Community Database for the Junior League of Los Angeles. 
  • Spring Gala, Carnivale~ A Magical Journey honored Lifetime Community Achievement Award recipient Caroline Rose Hunt for her dedication to the areas of arts, education, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Mrs. Hunt is a member of the Junior League of Dallas. 
  • Long-time JLLA Sustainer, Nancy Banning Call (Mrs. Richard Call) received the Spirit of Voluntarism Award at the Spring Gala, Carnivale~ A Magical Journey. Some of the recipients of Mrs. Call’s lifetime of service and giving include the Banning House Museum, Huntington Library, Art Galleries and Botanical Gardens, the L.A. Philarmonic, Childrens Hospital, Good Samaritan Hospital and the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association. 
  • The Junior League of Los Angeles, nominated by Hollygrove and honored by the Los Angeles City Council, received the Los Angeles Mentoring Coalition Award. 
  • Successfully incubated the Downtown Women’s Center and Turning Point (Santa Monica) programs to new projects for 2004-2005. 
  • Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood and Common Ground selected for development on Community Council as incubating projects. 
  • Projects provided a new “craft with books” program and designed and implemented a beautiful Reading Corner in the new S. Mark Taper Foundation Family Advocacy Center for the Los Angeles County/USC Violence Intervention Program. 
  • Mentored and graduated 30 members of the Chrysalis’ Women’s Empowerment Program. 
  • Employed new “team concept” in mentoring over 80 children in a revamped Camp Hollygrove. 
  • Hosted State Senator Jackie Speier at January’s General Meeting at Mount St. Mary’s College, with special recognition for Sustainers. 
  • 2nd annual Volunteer Leadership Development Day with partner L.A. Junior Chamber of Commerce.
  • Community Assistance funds granted to Camp Fire USA, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts to rebuild fire-ravaged campgrounds for children. Community Assistance funds combined with Marketing funds helped create a Child Care Waiting Room at L.A. County’s Airport Courthouse. 
  • Collaborated with Mayor Hahn’s office to collect Holiday Toys for Tots.
  • Expanded the Board Fellows Program with record numbers serving immediately on community boards.
  • Awarded at the Chicago Annual Conference, AJLI’s new “JL” Marketing Award, Best Branding Campaign for the 2002-2003 JLLA Branding Campaign.


  • Received the Downtown Women's Center Angel Award
  • Became a certifying organization for the President's Volunteer Service Awards
  • Hosted the highest ranking members of the Slovak Parliment so that they could learn more about the benefits of non-profits
  • Boys and Girls Club of Hollywood became a full-fledged project.
  • Had esteemed spearks for General Meetings including Court TV Anchor and wife of Los Angeles' Police Chief Rikki Kilman, Councilmember Tom LeBonge and Former First Lady of California and Past President of the Junior League of San Diego, Gayle Wilson.
  • Became a member of America's Charities Workplace Giving Program which gives JLLA access to giving companies to increase donations.
  • Brought back Annual Giving and raised over $31,000.
  • Held very successful Provisional Projects, and for the first time had a Development Provisional Project by planning a fashion show and shopping event at the Colleagues Store in Bergamot Station.
  • Hosted a reception for our city officials with Council member Tom LeBonge.
  • Created a Strategic Plan for the next three years
  • Raised $298,000 through development, which included Casino Night, Holiday Luncheon and Spring Gala. Spring Gala honoring Evelyn Lauder of the Estee Lauder Companies and Past President Judith Jones received the most media attention with placement to date in the Beverly Hills Courier, Beverly Press, Daily News, Daily Variety, Hollywood Reporter, Larchmont Chronicle, Privilege Magazine and Women's Wear Daily.


  • Celebrated JLLA’s 80th anniversary of service in the community culminating in the Legacy Ball honoring Dick and Nancy Riordan, Lifetime Achievement Award recipients, and Janice Pahl Kern, as our Spirit of Voluntarism honoree.
  • Completed workshops at Chrysalis, Turning Point, Downtown Women’s Center, and the Boys & Girls Club of Hollywood which resulted in individuals finding jobs, shelter and homes, and gaining tools to make strong choices in developing personal potential.
  • Approved the Children’s Institute, Inc. literacy program as a full-time project.
  • Selected the Boys & Girls Club of Venice as a new incubated project to focus on healthy eating and nutrition.
  • Participated in the inaugural AJLI volunteer week event, “Kids in the Kitchen,” at the Boys & Girls Club of Venice. Over 220 Leagues across the country and in Canada, Mexico and Great Britain planned simultaneous events.
  • Acquired new software and completely re-designed the website to allowed a total transformation of communication with membership.
  • Brought the topic of microbicide development to the California State Public Affairs Committee, and authored legislation that became SJR22 carried by State Senator Jackie Speier. The legislation was approved by the California Assembly and Senate in August 2006.
  • Sponsored a public policy training with a panel of experts on the topic of microbicides. Microbicides offer the potential to provide women with a way to protect themselves from HIV/AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Sponsored and passed an Advisory Resolution on “Emerging Issues” at the AJLI Annual Conference to support training and advocacy on topics such as microbicides at future conferences. 
  • Received a grant of $3,000 from the Steinhauser/Greenberg Foundation to encourage members to attend SPAC Day at the Capitol to meet with state legislators on issues of public policy. 
  • Received a $2,500 grant from Disney Worldwide Services to support the Board Fellows program. The award winning Board Fellows program graduated twenty-seven participants representing its largest class to date. 
  • Received the “Open Heart Award” from Turning Point in recognition of the League’s volunteer impact with its resident guests. 
  • Co-sponsored the Fourth Annual Volunteer Leadership Day with the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce. 


  • Designed and implemented a new project with the Boys & Girls Club of Venice Healthy Kids that teaches middle school children healthy eating habits.
  • In collaboration with the Los Angeles Junior Chamber of Commerce, conducted the 5th Annual Volunteer Leadership Forum that trained more than 100 community leaders in voluntarism to expand the volunteer capacity in Los Angeles.
  • Transitioned the Chrysalis Women’s Empowerment Program back to the Community partner and trained more than 40 volunteers to continue the Program.
  • Graduated 20 skilled leaders from the League’s Board Fellows program who are now ready to serve at various non-profits throughout Los Angeles.
  • Trained more than 130 new members to continue the League’s work in the greater Los Angeles community.
  • Authored and passed through the California Legislature, SRJ22 in support of microbicides. 


  • Completed a year long process to develop the strategic plan for 2008-2011. 
  • Selected two nonprofit partners to incubate new projects.  A college mentoring project will be developed for high school students at Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) and an environmentally themed career mentoring project will be developed for high school students at EcoAcademy.
  • Convened the Community Leadership Forum on the issue of aging out of the foster care system.  The panel was comprised of distinguished experts in foster care issues in addition to two people that aged out of the system.  This forum brought together community leaders to create collaborations and raise awareness for this important issue.
  • Hosted the regional Southwest Exchange conference bringing together the leaders of the Junior Leagues across Southern California, Arizona, and southern Nevada for leadership training and development.
  • Honored our Sustaining members that have belonged to the Junior League for over 50 years and/or are over 80 years old with a Holiday Tea.
  • Hosted the Junior Leagues of California State Public Affairs Committee (“SPAC”) Winter Conference convening delegates from 16 Junior Leagues across the state.  SPAC advocates on behalf of legislation that impacts the projects and programs of the various Junior Leagues across California.
  • The Legacy Leadership Circle (“LLC”) funded three grants to provide leadership training programs to JLLA members. 1) The Leadership Development Institute (LDI) was created to provide extensive leadership skills to our members.  2) The Public Policy Institute (PPI) was created to provide college-level education and skills necessary to further the advocacy efforts of JLLA.  3) The LLC also funded a development professional to create the tools and capacity needed to raise the level of fundraising and promote the mission of JLLA.  A “Case For Giving” was created and a Fund Development Plan is in the final stages of completion.  These documents will provide a solid plan to raise the funds needed to achieve the strategic objectives outlined in the 2008-2011 Strategic Plan.  Due to the success of these programs, LLC has committed over $10,350 to support these leadership programs for our members for 2008-2009.


  • Won the AJLI Leadership Development Award and $10,000 for the Leadership Development Institute (LDI), a program which trains our members to be effective and exceptional leaders.
  • Legacy Ball “An Evening On the French Riviera” honored Wendy Borcherdt LeRoy with the Spirit of Voluntarism Award and Nancy Aossey with the Community Legacy Award.
  • Established the Shining Star Award, to be awarded to an active member in good standing who has gone above and beyond for the benefit of the community and League on a consistent basis, and is a mentor, a leader, and a true example of what it means to be a JLLA member.
  • Harvest Boutique and Tea, which was held at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, celebrated a season of giving and honored longtime community partner Turning Point and Bryan Cave LLP for its commitment to pro bono service, and inaugural Shining Star Award recipient, Julie Donato.
  • Honored by The Little Black Dress charitable organization because of our commitment to improving the lives of women and children.
  • Launched a magazine to enhance our ability to share our positive impact in the community.
  • Healthy eating habits were promoted to underprivileged children and adults throughout Los Angeles through the Kids in the Kitchen provisional projects.  These events were held at Aviva, Boys and Girls Club of Venice, Children’s Institute, Inc. (CII), Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA), Los Angeles Team Mentoring (TeamWorks) and Mend Each Need with Dignity (MEND).
  • Successfully incubated projects with Heart of Los Angeles (HOLA) and EcoAcademy to active status.
  • Selected Daybreak and Grandparents as Parents as new community partners with which to incubate projects.
  • Graduated a record-sized Board Fellows class, and enhanced the Public Policy Institute curriculum, which also drew increased participation.
  • Convened the second annual Community Leadership Forumwhich focused on issues pertaining to foster care.
  • In conjunction with the International Visitors Councilhosted delegations from the Middle East and Africa and Kazakhstan on the issues of effective voluntarism and combating human trafficking.
  • Enhanced our public policy advocacy by spearheading efforts to combat post-partum depression through legislation 


  • Created and instituted the first Fund Development Plan for JLLA.
  • Created the Donor Overseers Group as part of the Fund Development Plan.
  • Created the Angel Fund for making a donation to JLLA in celebration of, in honor of, or in memory of, for another person.
  • Reached an agreement with Cal State University Northridge to preserve and archive the 85 years of JLLA documents and history.
  • Published and distributed the first issues of “Inspire,” JLLA’s magazine for the general public.
  • Awarded the AJLI’s Leadership Development award and $10,000 for JLLA’s Public Policy Institute, the highest award given by the AJLI.  Our Public Policy Institute was created with a grant from the Leadership Legacy Circle.  This makes the second AJLI Leadership Development award in two years for JLLA’s leadership development programs.
  • Based on an entry in the JLLA’s  “There Ought To Be A Law” contest, the JLLA, together with the California Junior League’s SPAC, successfully advocated for a law passed by the California legislature and signed by the Governor designating May as “Perinatal Depression Awareness Month.”   The JLLA worked with the Los Angeles County Perinatal Depression  Awareness Task Force to create the “Speak Up When You’re Down” campaign and logo in order to increase awareness of perinatal depression in Los Angeles. 
  • The Harvest Boutique honored the Downtown Women’s Center with the Community Impact Award, and Miki Jose Barr with the Shining Star Award.
  • The Legacy Ball honored Henry Winkler and Lin Oliver with the Community Legacy Award for their Hank Zipzerseries of children’s books, and Beth Quillen Thomas with the Spirit of Voluntarism Award.
  • Continued the fight against childhood obesity by expanding our Healthy Habits project, with help from the Legacy Leadership Circle, to include parents as well as children; by serving over 500 children with our Kids in the Kitchen one-day programs; and by hosting a conference, open to the public, on healthy eating and habits.
  • Successfully incubated a program with Daybreak to project status.
  • Selected the Children’s Bureau and Mar Vista Family Center as new community partners with which to incubate projects.

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