Community Impact Award - OPCC/Lamp (Formerly Ocean Park Community Center)

OPCC and Lamp Community provide highly effective, fully integrated services to the most traumatized and vulnerable members of our community— homeless individuals, victims of domestic violence, at-risk youth, and those with severe physical or mental illness. With a combined 80 years of service experience, they offer a comprehensive system of care to solve the complex, multi-faceted problems of this diverse population. Moreover, they have the wide-ranging expertise and programs that enable them to fully address the unique needs of each individual, however complicated those needs may be, enhancing the quality of life for everyone. OPCC and Lamp Community offer seven core services that provide support in the areas of housing, domestic violence, physical health, mental health, life skills/wellness, income services and substance abuse. For more information, visit www.opcc.org and www.lampcommunity.org.

Honoring Legacy Leadership Circle (LLC) - 10th Anniversary

The Legacy Leadership Circle (LLC) is focused on sustaining and strengthening the next generation of leaders for the Junior League of Los Angeles (JLLA).  The LLC is comprised of key JLLA leaders representing decades of experience, knowledge and innovative thought.   For the past 10 years, funds contributed to this donor circle have supported our projects, programs, trainings and/or organizational needs which enable the Junior League of Los Angeles and its members to be a strong voice and contributor in the community. Over the years, the LLC has funded the Leadership Development Institute, Public Policy Institute and Community Leadership Forum, just to list a few.

Recognizing Public Policy Council's 25th Anniversary

As the Junior League of Los Angeles (JLLA) celebrates its 90th anniversary, the Public Policy Council celebrates its 25th  silver anniversary.  Over the years Public Policy Council has trained JLLA members to improve their community by utilizing the political process through CALSPAC, Public Affairs Council and Public Policy Institute.         


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