Touch-A-Truck™ Tickets and Sponsorships

Quantity Price Name
$10.00 Single Rider - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Single Rider - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$35.00 Family Van - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Family Van - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$125.00 Bulldozer Bundle - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Bulldozer Bundle - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$500.00 Tow Truck Sponsorship - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Tow Truck Sponsorship - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$1,500.00 Steamroller Sponsorship - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Steamroller Sponsorship - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$2,500.00 Big Rig Sponsorship - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Big Rig Sponsorship - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$5,000.00 Monster Truck Sponsorship - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Monster Truck Sponsorship - Touch-A-Truck™ 2018
$7,500.00 Choose Your Own Adventure Sponsorship - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™   read description
Choose Your Own Adventure Sponsorship - 2018 Touch-A-Truck™

Free admission for ages 2 and under.

Active and New Members: Please visit this site for information on how to fulfill your ticket requirement.

Gift your Tickets! Purchase tickets and donate them back to the League. Tickets will be gifted to our community partners for distribution to their clients in need. When checking out, write in the comments section if you are gifting your purchase.

When purchasing tickets, please include the name of the Junior League Member who informed you of this event in the comments section, if appropriate.

Make a donation!  We appreciate your generous, tax-deductible donation of any amount (enter in box below). You may also view our Sponsorship opportunities by clicking here.


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