Why Join the Junior League?

The Junior League of Los Angeles reaches out to women of all races, religions and national origins who demonstrate an interest in and a commitment to voluntarism and to the community.  A volunteer with The Junior League of Los Angeles has an opportunity to develop herself and build friendships through the League's structured and supportive environment while, most importantly, making a positive impact on the community.

Benefits of Membership

  • Training for effective community leadership and personal development
  • Insight into community needs and strategies to dealing with them
  • Exposure to the administration of nonprofit agencies
  • Opportunities for utilizing your skills and for developing new ones
  • Opportunities to volunteer in the community through well organized projects
  • Access to new friends and new ideas
  • Membership meetings with educational speakers (community leaders, motivational speakers and others)
  • Participation in exciting fundraisers and special events
  • Ability to transfer to other Leagues if you move

Hear Why Others Joined The League

"I JOINED because I wanted to donate my time in the most effective way possible. JLLA projects taught me about Los Angeles; I enjoyed the company of extraordinary women; and I received invaluable leadership training….I refer to my leadership training daily because it challenges me to convince people to perform, versus demand they perform." ~Sustainer Heather Ho

"I joined the league because I saw an opportunity to surround myself with strong, committed, smart and poised women in my community. With the way our word is today, all of us running around and overworked, I wanted to be part of a mission to promote and advocate the strength, influence and power that women can have in our society."  ~First Year Active, Sylvia Hastanan

Famous Junior League Members 


Position and Community Service

Junior League

Mary Harriman Rumsey

Founder of the Junior League–1901; First defender of consumer rights as Chair of the Consumers' Advisory Board of the National Resource Administration in President Franklin Roosevelt's Administration, 1933

The City of New York

Eleanor Roosevelt

First Lady; social reformer; humanitarian; author. As U.S. Delegate to the United Nations, she chaired the Human Rights Commission during the drafting of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights–adopted 1948

The City of New York

Oveta Culp Hobby

First Commander of Women's Army Corps 1941; First U.S. Secretary of Health, Education & Welfare 1953

Houston, TX

Sandra Day O'Connor

First female U.S. Supreme Court Justice, appointed 1981

Phoenix, AZ

Barbara Bush

First Lady; literacy activist

Houston, TX

Laura Bush

First Lady; literacy activist

Austin, TX

Betty Ford

First Lady; substance abuse prevention activist

Grand Rapids, MI

Nancy Reagan

First Lady; substance abuse prevention activist

Los Angeles, CA

Eudora Welty

Author; Pulitzer prize for The Optimist's Daughter, 1972

Jackson, MS

Shirley Temple Black

Child actress; Delegate to the United Nations (1969); U.S. Ambassador to Ghana; Czech and Slovak Republics

Palo Alto, CA

Katharine Hepburn

Actress; women's issues activist

Hartford, CT

Sarah Palfrey Cook Danzig

Tennis champion; two-time Wimbledon champion

The City of New York




Elected to Gov't

U.S. House of Representatives

Junior League

Ruth Baker Sears Pratt

Served 1929-1933; first woman elected by NY

The City of New York

Isabella Selmes Greenway

Served 1934-1937

The City of New York

Frances Payne Bolton

Served 1940-1969

Cleveland, OH

Mary E. Pruett Farrington

Served 1954-1957

Honolulu, HI

Lynn Martin

Served 1981-1985; U.S. Secretary of Labor 1991-1993

Rockford, IL

Tillie Fowler


Jacksonville, FL

Jennifer Dunn


Seattle, WA

Anna Eshoo


Palo Alto, CA

Carolyn Maloney


The City of New York

Judy Biggert


Chicago, IL




Elected to Gov't

U.S. Senate

Junior League

Margaret Chase Smith

First woman elected to the Senate

Bangor, ME




Elected to Gov't

Canadian Parliament

Junior League

Margaret McTavish Konantz

Member, Canadian Parliament, 1963-1968

Winnipeg, MB

Florence Bird

Member, Canadian Parliament, 1978-1983

Winnipeg, MB

Bobbie Sparrow

Member, Canadian Parliament, 1984-1988

Calgary, AB

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