Call to Action for Senate Bill 848 – We need your help!

CalSPAC’s sponsored California Senate Bill 848, “Employment: leave for reproductive loss”, is now headed to Governor Newsom’s desk and our SPAC Delegates need your help during this last, crucial step!

SB 848 protects jobs for grieving families who have experienced a miscarriage, stillbirth, failed adoption, failed surrogacy, or an unsuccessful assisted reproduction. Let Governor Newsom know that you care about hardworking Californians AND their families— tell him to sign SB 848!

Please send a letter to Governor Newsom by Monday, October 2nd, asking for his signature on SB 848, by following these steps:

  1. Find the attached letter template to be adapted and sent as a Request for Signature letter to the Governor.
  2. In the letter template, please edit to reflect the correct date, and your signature. Please remove the highlighting on your final letter.
  3. Save the letter file name as “SB 848 – Request for Signature” and save as a .pdf file.
  4. Address the email to and please cc and
  5. In the email subject line, please write “SB 848 – Request for Signature.”
  6. In the body of the email, please write: “Please find the attached Request for Signature letter to Governor Newsom for SB 848 – Employment: leave for reproductive loss.”
  7. Attach the .pdf of your letter and send your email.

Let’s make our voices heard and advocate for hardworking Californians and families!


Jill Brownfield, 2023-2024 SPAC Senior Delegate

Nene Ogbechie, 2023-2024 SPAC Junior Delegate

Michelle Amado, 2023-2024 Public Policy Vice President