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The Junior League of Los Angeles is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

Civic Leadership Forum

Save the date for JLLA’s Civic Leadership Forum (CLF) on November 4, 2017.  The training will focus on "Advocacy in Action," and empower attendees to become strong community advocates dedicated to fostering change. Register here to join us!

Community Impact!

We provide the community with over 60,000 volunteer hours each year through our many projects and programs. Learn more about what we do.  For information on how to become a JLLA member, click here.

2017 Harvest Boutique

The 18th Annual Harvest Boutique will be held on Sunday, December 3rd at the J.W. Marriott at LA Live. For more information about Harvest Boutique click HERE.

Dine To Donate

Join us on Thursday, October 12th at any of El Cholo's three locations to raise money for the League!  Please bring this flyer with you!

Annual Giving Donors 2016-2017

$500 and above

We can hire a speaker for our Training programs and host one of our Training sessions at a public venue.

  • Chad and Stacey Cohen
  • Carol Collins
  • Rachel Collins
  • Earl B. Gilmore Foundation
  • Melody Fang
  • Mary Garvey
  • Nicole Gonzales
  • Eunice Goodan
  • Anika Jackson
  • Kathleen McCarthy (KLM Foundation)
  • Microsoft
  • Jennifer Naples
  • Ness Okonkwo
  • Margaret Otto
  • Susan Patrick
  • Regal
  • Toyota Financial Services Making Life Easier
  • Cheryl Trinidad
  • UBS Matching Gift Program

$300 to $499

We can host a "Done In A Day" and provide all supplies necessary for one session of the project.

  • Quinn Ezralow
  • Beth Lowe
  • Cynthia Sterling

$200 to $299

We can provide Mar Vista Family Center's college-bound students with a chrome book.

  • Alexa Bleifer
  • Iris Craddock
  • Maryam Lilly
  • Marie Marich
  • Raylene Meyer
  • Cynthia Norian
  • Ellen Norris
  • Christine Ofiesh
  • Susan Peterson
  • Karla Sayles
  • Carrie Tilton
  • Catherine "Cae Cae" Wallace
  • Warner Brothers

$150 to $199

We can provide 15 Helping Handbags to the homeless in the greater Los Angeles community.

  • Victoria Martin
  • Katie McCullough
  • Cathy McMullen
  • Mandi Moore

$100 to $149

We can provide a small gift, like journals and pens, for all the project participants at Alliance for Children's Rights to take home after the session.

  • Carol Allen
  • Debra Amenson
  • Susan Armistead
  • Laurel Burks
  • Linda Carlson
  • Heather Castle
  • Sarah Christian
  • Elizabeth Curtis
  • Margaret Eberhardt
  • Richard Eisen
  • Maire Camille Evans
  • Fidelity Charitiable Gift Fund
  • Kimberly Guanci Dylewski
  • Louise Griffith
  • Brittany Hall
  • Cathleen Hession
  • Barbara Hillman
  • Nancy Hindle-Katel
  • Jolisa Jones-Corey
  • Linda Keene
  • Alexa Levy
  • Sheri Lietzow
  • Mary "Mimi" O'Keefe
  • Beth Parks
  • Dr. Marvin and Irene Perer Family Fund
  • Beth Quilen Thomas
  • Elissa Refold
  • Carol Reinhart
  • Cynthia Sawyer
  • Judith Schuur
  • Shelly Scott
  • Kristin Sibson
  • Jill Smith
  • Elayne Techentin
  • Patricia Teets
  • Gloria Teschner
  • The Jewish Community Foundation
  • Traveler's Cyber Grants
  • Nadine Weiss-Flam
  • Ellen Weitman
  • Western Asset Management Company Charitable Foundation
  • Mary Frances Whiting
  • Gayle Wilder
  • Your Cause, LLC
  • Angela Williamson
  • Ann Zimmerman

$50 to $99

We can add three additional books for the JLLA's empowerment bookshelf at Daybreak.

  • Bank of America Employee Giving Campaign
  • Ginger Barnard
  • Megyn Bell
  • Kathine Brody
  • Adrienne Bussell
  • Dun and Bradstreet
  • Emily Davi
  • Linda Eisenhart
  • Mary Beth Ferrante
  • Victoria Gordon
  • Elaina Graham
  • Brittany Hall
  • Susan Hull
  • Su Hwang
  • Sydney Johnson
  • Maria Jones
  • JP Morgan Chase Foundation
  • Constance Koehler
  • Gloria McDonald
  • Amy McGranhan
  • Mauria McPoland
  • Alana Mitnick
  • Shelly Myers
  • Bridget Palmer
  • Mita Patel
  • Phillips 66
  • Linda Pressman
  • Jordan Rhyner
  • Rebecca Rodriguez
  • Sharon Segal
  • Becky Shaw
  • Jennifer Soza
  • Courtney Thomas
  • Beverly Thrall
  • United Way of Central Indiana
  • Gena Urowsky
  • Ashley Zatkov

$49 or Less

  • Margaret Ambrose
  • Heather Barrett
  • Kimberly Bartholomew
  • Jade Battad
  • Sara Bettge
  • Linda Biro
  • Alecia Burkett
  • Jennifer Burman
  • Joan Cobble
  • Grace Coopman
  • Kris Crenwelge
  • Katie Darling
  • Amy DeBlaise-Kasai
  • Pamela Diddie
  • Talia DiDomenica
  • Gillian Dodd
  • Caitlin Drake
  • Desiree Finigan
  • Hillary Francis
  • Lauren Fujiu-Berger
  • Elizabeth Gary
  • Tiffany Hamilton
  • Mary Ruth Hardesty-Schreier
  • Eleanor Haycock
  • Maria Higgins
  • Alison Koi Howard
  • Blair Hundahl
  • Jennifer Jessee
  • Meredith Johnson
  • Brooke Kathrein
  • Carol Keller
  • Deborah Kurtz
  • Kelsey Larsen
  • Nicole Lehle
  • Brenda Lowe
  • Kellly Luther
  • Brooke Marston
  • Blair McBirney
  • Stacey McShane
  • Mary-Elizabeth Michaels
  • Michelle Miller
  • Lauren Movsesian
  • Christine Neuharth
  • Mandy Novo-Lake
  • Elizabeth "Lizzy" Porter
  • Joan Prestine
  • Edythe Repoff
  • Reba Rosenthal
  • Michele Saadeh
  • Jennifer Saxton
  • Jessica Schmitt
  • Britomere Schneeman
  • Anne Shintaku
  • Floyd Siegal
  • Samantha Silverman
  • Kimberly Smiley
  • Lindsay Spiller
  • Sylvia Strike
  • Elena Walkup
  • Tara Walters
  • Yolanda Walther-Meade
  • Barbara Wilson
  • Stacey Wyatt
  • Donate

    Every dollar raised is directly dedicated to support JLLA's mission. Community impact areas are primarily Education and Self-esteem and Empowerment.  

    Click here for more information and ways to donate now.  Thank you to our generous donors! 

  • Los Angeles Leaders in Media Lunch

    The event has been canceled and will be rescheduled.  Additional information will be posted shortly.  Click here to attend the Los Angeles Leaders in Media Lunch on October 20, 2017 (date to be revised).

  • Harvest Boutique 2017

    The 18th Annual Harvest Boutique will be held on Sunday, December 3rd at the J.W. Marriott at LA Live. For more information about Harvest Boutique click HERE.

  • What is the Junior League?


    Development+Potential of Women

    Leadership+Training Our Members

    Improving Community+Effective Action

    Direct Service Projects+Advocacy


    How to get involved

  • Shop JLLA Now

    Your one-stop shop for JLLA attire, accessories and more! Click HERE to visit our online Market Place today. 

  • Civic
    Leadership Forum

    2017-2018 CLF

    Saturday, November 4th
    Mount Saint Mary's University- Doheny Campus (Downtown LA)

    Register today:

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