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The Junior League of Los Angeles is an organization of women committed to promoting voluntarism, developing the potential of women and to improving the community through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers. Its purpose is exclusively educational and charitable.

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90 Years of Service

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Community Impact

We provide the community with over 60,000 volunteer hours each year through our many projects and programs. Learn more about what we do.  For information on how to become a JLLA member, click here.

90th Anniversary Giving Donors


Mrs. Helen Hanna Bullis was one of the original founders of the JLLA and from 1926-1927 served as its first president

  • Elizabeth Tegley Curtis
  • Denise and Daniel Perlstein


Miss Mabel Seeley was one of the original founders of the JLLA and from 1928-1930 served as its president

  • Heather Castle
  • Mary Beth and Matthew Ferrante
  • Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
  • Ness Okonkwo and Shawn Jackson
  • The Schellenberg Family
  • Susan Steinhauser
  • Ellen and Doug Weitman


Mrs. Walter H. Leimert served as president of the JLLA from 1930-1931

  • Aegon Transamerica Foundation
  • Yasmin and Mike Coffey
  • Nicole Collins Gonzales
  • Donatewell
  • Kristin Doolittle
  • Janice Kern
  • Jenifer Levy
  • Mandi Moore
  • Shelly Myers
  • Rita O'Neill
  • Helane Wilbourne
  • Gayle Wilder
  • Wonderful Giving


Mrs. William B. Joyce, Jr. served as president of the JLLA from 1931-1932

  • Alexa Bleifer
  • Anne M. Clarke
  • Katie Dru
  • Melody Fang
  • Valerie Holberton
  • Michelle Hsia
  • Christine Neuharth
  • Donald and Ann Petroni
  • William Robi, Hoag and Robi
  • Cynthia Sawyer
  • Karla Sayles
  • Beth Quillen Thomas
  • Ellen Thornton
  • Rebecca Williams Vanyo
  • Nikki Williams
  • Josephine Witte
  • Ann Zimmerman


Mrs. John B. Winston, Jr. served as president of the JLLA from 1933-1934

  • Kim Bartholomew
  • Debra Bogdanoff
  • Jennifer Burman 
  • Kristen Damon
  • Maureen Diekmann
  • Lauren Ekerling
  • Quinn Ezralow
  • Rebecca Fleming
  • Patricia Fry
  • Katharine Gates
  • Louise Griffith
  • Erica Henry
  • September Hill
  • Virginia Jackson
  • Lisa Kaufman
  • Melinda Kelly
  • Laura Jane Kessner
  • Rija Kline Zucker
  • Peter McGoey
  • Cathy McMullen
  • Alana Mitnick
  • Christine Ofiesh
  • Maileen Phillips
  • Riot Games, Inc.
  • Cristina Rivard
  • Sandra Sanchez
  • Judith Schuur
  • Shelly Scott
  • Lauren Semeniuta
  • Jill Smith
  • Patricia Teets
  • Cheryl Trinidad Stewart
  • Brianne Turtletaub
  • Mary Frances Whiting
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    Every dollar raised is directly dedicated to support JLLA's mission. Community impact areas are primarily Literacy and Self-esteem and Empowerment.  

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  • Harvest Boutique 2016

    Save the Date!  Harvest Boutique November 20, 2016!

    Thank you to everyone who attended and participated in our 2015 Harvest Boutique! Check out a video featuring highlights from the event posted above, or by clicking here.

  • What is the Junior League?


    Development+Potential of Women

    Leadership+Training Our Members

    Improving Community+Effective Action

    Direct Service Projects+Advocacy


    How to get involved

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  • Community
    Leadership Forum

    Save the Date - Friday, November 6, 2015!

    The 2015-2016 Community Leadership Forum will focus on foster youth and will take place on Friday, November 6th at the Central Library in Downtown Los Angeles.  

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