Harvest Boutique 2021

Sunday, December 6, 2020



Many thanks to those of you who attended our virtual Harvest Boutique in 2020, and to those of you who’ve attended our event in person in previous years! 

For information about our 22nd annual Harvest Boutique, please visit us again in late summer 2021 for details! 

You can also send a message to: harvestboutiquemerchant@jlla.org



Thank you for your interest in showcasing at our 22nd annual Harvest Boutique! Please check back in late summer 2021 for more details.

To be put on our mailing list and receive the latest vendor information when available, please send a message to: harvestboutiquemerchant@jlla.org



Please consider sponsoring this annual event with your gifts, donations and support! 

Interested in sponsoring Harvest Boutique?

Email: harvestboutiquemerchant@jlla.org


Thank you to our 2020 Corporate Sponsorships!

Many thanks to our 2020 Individual Sponsorships!

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