Community Assistance Fund


Our Community Assistance Fund (CAF) assists non-profit agencies with a 501(c)(3) designation in the Los Angeles area with specific, short-term monetary needs.


  • Completion of the application.
  • Agency/organization must have a 501(c)(3) status.
  • Agency/organization may apply for funds either for a specific project or for the emergency needs of a client of that agency.
  • Maximum amount per allocation shall be one thousand dollars ($1,000).
  • Grants shall be restricted to agencies within Los Angeles County or to other Junior League Chapters.
  • Agency/organization must file a follow-up report with the Community Vice-President within sixty (60) days of receipt of funding.
    • Preference shall be given to:
      • Needs that are consistent with the League’s mission and its commitment to the “health and education of women and children – with an emphasis on Education and Self-Esteem / Empowerment of Foster Youth”;
      • Agencies whose short-term/emergency requests address critical human needs;
      • Agencies/projects facing the possibility disruption of services;
      • Agencies who have not received a Community Assistance grant in the current year.
    • Generally, requests for fundraising drives, capital campaigns, building funds, sectarian religious projects, tuitions or seminars will not be considered.


The funds requests may not be: (1) related to religious, political or medical research projects; (2) used for travel budgets; (3) used for renovations in buildings not owned or in long term leases; (4) issued to a non-profit more than once a year, for no more than two consecutive years; (5) issued to an entity receiving funds as an existing Junior League of Los Angeles project; (6) granted to individuals; (7) more than $2,500 (unless approved by the Junior League of Los Angeles Board of Directors); (8) used to pay salaries or stipends; or (9) for another agency to distribute as a grant.

Click here to apply for Community Assistant Funds.