he Training & Education Committee supports the mission of the Junior League of Los Angeles  (JLLA) by delivering multi-faceted, relevant and flexible trainings structured to create empowered volunteers and community leaders.  The Training & Education Committee provides personal & professional development trainings as well as trainings aligned with JLLA’s “7 tenants of Leadership Core Competencies.”

This League year, the Training and Education Committee organized a total of 20 trainings, including several that covered new topics such as:

  • Collaboration
    • Making collaboration a part of your organization’s process
  • Development
    • Finding the right funding model for your non-profit
  • Global & Community Awareness Action & Advocacy
    • Making a difference for your cause
    • Advocacy within the Junior League
  • Operational Expertise
    • Beginners: Basics of non-profits/ 501(c)(3) organizations
    • Intermediate-Advanced: Business continuity planning, code of conduct, financial procedures
  • Social & Cultural Inclusion
    • Deep dive into diversity training
    • Volunteering and working with groups in the community
  • Strategic Thinking
    • Volunteers and programs
    • Business planning
    • Creating a strategic plan and organization
  • Volunteer Development
    • Volunteer sustainability
    • Mentoring and leadership
  • Spanish (basic words and phrases)
  • Personal & Professional Development
    • Disaster & Emergency Preparedness
      • Wild fires, earthquakes, active shooter situations
      • Self-defense
    • Self/Advocacy and Balanced Life
  • Community Impact
    • LGBTQ youth and the foster care system
    • Human trafficking and its impact on foster youth

–Heather Castle