History of JLLA

The Founding of the Junior League of Los Angeles

In 1925 Mrs. Victor Jacomini (Katherine Thomas), Mrs. Harold Braly (Henriette Janss), and thirty-two other original members formed a group known as the Convalescent Children's League (CCL).  Having researched the community needs, CCL piloted the operation and support of a twelve-bed children's convalescent home on Ingraham Street, which became part of Children's Hospital Los Angeles.  This original founding group was admitted to The Association of Junior Leagues International (AJLI) in 1926 and became the Junior League of Los Angeles (JLLA).

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The original founders were:

Mrs. Margarita S. Adams (Margarita Schneider)
Mrs. Leigh McMaster Battson (Lucy Smith Doheny)
Mrs. James S. Bodrero (Eleanor Cole)
Mrs. Harold Braly (Henriette Janss)
Mrs. George C. Brock (Margaret Martin)
Mrs. C. Gardner Bullis (Helen Hanna)
Mrs. Clyde R. Burr (Alice Hicks)
Mrs. Emile de Seville (Hortense McLaughlin)
Mrs. Herbert G. Day (Katherine Phillips)
Mrs. Emmett Doherty (Mary Ellen O'Neill)
Mrs. Daniel J. Donohue, Jr. (Bernadine Murphy)
Mrs. Guy Chaffee Earl Jr. (Eleanor MacGowan)
Mrs. James A. Gibson Jr. (Martha Woolwine)
Mrs. Loren L. Hillman (Doris Collins)
Mrs. Felton S. Hollister (Dorris Braly)
Mrs. Dorothy W. Howard (Dorothy L. Wellborn)
Mrs. Rowena S. Howard (Rowena Schneider)
Mrs. Victor Jacomini (Katherine Thomas)
Mrs. Van Buren Jarvis (Amy Busch)
Mrs. Charles Kerwin (Mary Gray)
Mrs. Alexander King (Elizabeth Brant)
Mrs. Catherine McCahill Lane (Catherine McCahill)
Mrs. Fred LeBlond, Jr. (Ruth Gordon)
Mrs. George Levoy, Jr. (Florence Marsh)
Mrs. Walter Mann (Gertrude Orcutt)
Mrs. Edgar G. Miller (Louise Forve)
Mrs. William A. Milner-Gibson (Mary Forve)
Mrs. Wells Morris (Anita Thomas)
Mrs. James F. Neville (Mary Johnston)
Mrs. Robert Newton (Elizabeth Boyle)
Mrs. Richard T. St. John (Cecile McLaughlin)
Miss Mabel Seeley
Mrs. Frederick J. Toole (Florence Kays)
Mrs. William Welborne (Pauline Schoder)

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