Project Research & Development

The Project Research and Development Committee (PR&D) researches organizations, efforts, and agencies in Los Angeles that may benefit from a collaboration with the Junior League of Los Angeles. The collaboration might be through a Done In A Day event, our Thrive Through Literacy New Member Project, or a full-time community project.  If you would like to recommend that PR&D evaluate an organization, please email

Project Evaluation Criteria: In order to be considered as a potential new project with the Junior League of Los Angeles (JLLA), the following criteria must be met:

  • Project falls within established JLLA focus areas, which are self-esteem/empowerment of transition-aged foster youth and educational opportunities for under-served students seeking higher education. 
  • The Co-Sponsor does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, religion, ethnicity, income, or sexual orientation relative to the individuals supported. 
  • The location is geographically convenient to the JLLA membership. Locations on the Westside, South Bay, San Fernando Valley, and the greater Downtown areas are preferred. 
  • The project allows volunteers to schedule hours that are convenient to their needs. Because many JLLA members work full-time and/or have family obligations, projects should have the capacity to provide for evening and weekend volunteer opportunities. 
  • JLLA serves the project in a way that is unique or in which another organization is not currently involved. Impact of the project in the community can be measured. 
  • Volunteers required can be incorporated within JLLA staffing capabilities. 
  • Project provides marketing and publicity opportunities for JLLA. 
  • Project allows JLLA volunteers to work in a hands-on, impact-driven fashion, enhancing member satisfaction.
  • Project works in an area of emerging need in the community. 
  • Project is capable of involving all JLLA members.
  • Co-Sponsor partnership is administratively and financially strong. Financial resources required for the partnership can be incorporated within JLLA funding capabilities. 
  • JLLA project partners do not receive direct financial support from JLLA, rather volunteer hours are the primary source of support. 
  • Co-Sponsor is healthy and viable, as defined by their financial stability, existing name-recognition in the community, and continuity of staff. 
  • The ages of those served are appropriate relative to the JLLA mission. 
  • Project can be evaluated with respect to an approximate three to five-year time frame and transition plan to turn over maintenance and sustainability of the project to the Co-Sponsor.
  • Co-Sponsor has no requirements (either imposed by law or by choice) that would make it difficult for JLLA members to participate.

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